Actividad 2, Comprension


A person who loves talking to new people and going to parties is….

mlj    is sociable and outgoing.

mlj    is sociable and careful.

mlj    is calm and relax.

mlj    is sympathetic.


When he makes a decision it’s impossible to make him change his mind.

mlj    he is mean.

mlj    he is vain.

mlj    he is stubborn.

mlj    he is rebellious.


Sad films make him cry. He hates arguments and shouting.

mlj    He is sensitive.

 mlj   He is sensible.

 mlj   He is caring.

mlj    He is lazy.



She never gets stressed. She doesn’t take life too seriously.

mlj      She is relax and positive.

mlj      She is relax and caring.

mlj      She is sociable.

mlj      She is selfish and easygoing.



She thinks he’s the centre of the universe.

mlj      He is vain.

mlj      He is ambitious.

mlj      He is laid-back.

mlj      He is self-confident.


He believes in himself and always tries to succeed.

mlj      He is vain and arrogant.

mlj      He is hard-working and egotistical.

mlj      He is laid-back and positive.

mlj      He is ambitious and self-confident


He worries about taking risks and thinks everything is dangerous.

mlj      He is mean.

mlj      He is lazy.

mlj      He is careful.

mlj      He is easygoing.


If I say: here are the keys of my car. Use it whenever you want…

mlj      I’m generous.

mlj      I’m mean.

mlj      I’m unselfish

mlj      I’m confident.



My grandmother always say: Don’t look black cats. It’s unlucky.

mlj      She is superstitious.

mlj      She is conceited.

mlj      She is vain.

mlj      She is caring.



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