Respuestas de Actividades


Actividad 1:


1. Who came last night?

2. What did Mary and Peter want to speak about?

3. What were they doing?

4. What kind of music do you like?

5. How is your father?

6. Who painted her?

7. Why is the cat so frightened?

8. When are you coming back?

9. Whom were you with?

10.How much did you pay?




Actividad 2:





Actividad 3:


1. He has just been here for only two weeks, but he has already done a few friends.

2. I’m sorry for her, she has got few friends.

3. I’m very happy, I have been to save a little money.

4. Do you know many people? No, I don’t. I only know a few people.

5. We must hurry up, we have a little time.

6. He is luck, he has few problems an he has few children

7. Did you take many photos when you went abroad?

8. If anyone has got questions I would be pleased to answer

9. I have a lot of money but little time to spend it.

10. Jack hasn’t much homework he has to do few exercises

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